Message from Administration:
As you know our country is facing a national health crisis due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus. In
Ohio, Governor Mike DeWine and his team have taken aggressive actions, like ordering the statewide
school closures and the stay at home orders, to ensure we work together to limit the spread of the disease
with the goal of not overwhelming our hospitals systems as more people become infected.
Currently, all Ohio schools are closed under the initial order until this Friday. However, the Governor
recently extended this mandatory closure until Friday, May 1, 2020 and has publicly stated that
mandatory closure may extend to the end of the school year. Just like many other schools, educational
agencies and providers, this is not ideal; as we would all certainly prefer to educate and connect with our
students’ face-to-face every school day.
We understand this is a very difficult adjustment in your personal lives and a challenging transition to this
new educational platform of distance learning. We sincerely, appreciate your efforts to stay connected
with your student’s teacher, ensuring weekly assignments are completed on time as well as tracking your
students’ academic progress for this final marking period via your Power School account. It’s clear that
we are all committed to maintaining our Quality School Designation by doing our respective parts to
continue to educate, help and support all our students and families to the best of our ability – while
following the guidance and information provided from the Ohio Department of Education to help keep
our students, staff, families and community safe.
As we begin this extended closure, please remember to check your student’s individual work book bag
provided a few weeks ago; for information on how to stay connected with your student’s teacher,
complete school work assignments and virtual learning options. We realize, your student may have
completed all the school work included, as it was prepared for the initial closure. We are working with
both essential and non-essential staff and vendors to evaluate the feasibility of safe and effective methods
by which to provide additional school work and resources to families. We will advise you concerning any
developments along these lines. Please consider the following strategies and tips that may prove helpful to
support you and your student’s daily studies:
▪ Wake up as you normally would for school and/or work and dress for the day.
▪ Use your drive time, bus ride time, and/or walk time for some exercise and physical activity
▪ Use the same dedicated, quiet work space each day with minimal distractions
▪ Take a lunch and short breaks in between to stretch and get some fresh air
▪ Participate when co-workers and/or teachers offer opportunities for social interactions.
▪ Try to arrange your work time to follow the same work schedule and/order of classes each day as
much as possible.
We will continue to communicate with families via our One-Call system, text and e-mail as applicable.
Please continue to check the school’s website for updates or to send us an inquiry through the Connect
tab. You may also send us a post via our Facebook page @WingsacademyCle, as well as leave a message
with the main office. Remember, we are all in this together and we want to assist one another in every
way possible.
Thank you again, for your continued support of Wings Academy Designated Ohio School of Quality—
where all Our Students Soar!