Our Vision and Mission


Prepare our students for academic excellence and lifetime achievement while effecting change in their local communities and making contribution to our global society.


Wings Academy 1 “school”, a non-profit organization is governed by an elected, volunteer board of directors that consist of individuals who are committed to the mission of the organization. Our governing authority will continue to collaborate with it’s employees to determine the mission of the organization, establish policies, assure that adequate human resources (volunteer or paid staff) and financial resources (earned income, government contracts and grants, and charitable contributions) are available, and regularly monitor the organization’s strategic and financial performance.


As the academic landscape of the 21st Century is rapidly evolving, we must provide instruction that develops our student’s critical thinking, problem solving, financial literacy and analytical skills. Our instructional methods must be clear, consistent and establish specific guidelines for students’ achievement and measurable success. Our projected outcome is at least 80% of the student body will be proficient at their grade level. To meet this outcome, a successful teaching environment must be created which consists of daily instruction provided by highly qualified Teachers, who encourage students to see themselves and their culture mirrored in the learning program while addressing the student’s individual learning style, building on the student’s prior knowledge and allowing for incremental and long-lasting learning. Incorporating flexible grouping and real world data into the classroom will increase students’ responsiveness, knowledge, ability to view concepts, issues, events and themes from their perspectives and experiences as members of diverse ethnic cultural groups.

As your child’s first teacher, you must continue to participate in all areas of your child’s education. The parent/legal guardian and school share the responsibility of a child’s education. Through a collaborative effort we will create a partnership between the home and school to ensure the academic growth and success of every student.


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